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About us

Our commitment to excellence

"Our goal is to create not just a modern, beautiful, and high-class residential complex, but also to provide exceptional care and maintenance for the common areas of the complex. This will help alleviate residents' concerns and make their daily lives more enjoyable."

Comfortable living arrangement

The "MONTÉ" complex consists of 40 apartments with a total area ranging from 566 to 180 square meters. Additionally, it encompasses a total area of 7000 square meters for public spaces, including facilities for dining,spa, playground, meeting rooms, and a variety of other amenities.

Within the complex, a new modern school is being constructed, which will provide residents with more convenient access to education.

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Yerevan is our home

Our project aims not only to create comfortable living spaces but also to preserve the soul and culture of our city. The complex is designed with both ancient and modern architectural elements, which altogether enrich the appearance of the complex.

Within the premises, there are open spaces, lush greenery, and captivating pathways. More than 60% of the area is allocated to lush green spaces, adorned with indigenous plant species and attractive landscaping designs, which greatly contribute to the urban life.

The buildings are clad in local stone and travertine, utilizing modern European systems for insulation, contemporary heating materials, and fixtures.


We don't just build houses. We create lifestyles, enhancing convenience and sustainability.

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Completion of the construction of the complex

Our promise to complete construction by September 2026 reflects our commitment to the commitments we have made to ensure that your dreams come true without much delay.